Troubleshooting Steps for Resellers

            As a Zenduit Reseller you are expected to provide first level support to your customer by troubleshooting against hardware installation and software setup instructions. If you need access to your trax backend please email support@zenduit.com and review Trax Backend Reseller instructions here

            Steps to Troubleshoot

            1. Get serial number of device with issue from your customer
            2. Ensure basic troubleshooting steps are taken by reviewing the install instructions (find instructions in the Zenduit Support Portal) of the respective device and repeat the communication verification steps
            3. Login to Trax Backend (instructions can be found here) and login to customer database to open software portal and view device to ensure you are able to repeat the same issue the customer is having?
            4. If you still encountering issue after going through the above steps then open a support ticket on the support.zenduit.com portal and note the device serial and troubleshooting steps you have undergone.

            Watch this video: https://goo.gl/U2THn7
            Updated: 11 Jul 2018 11:33 PM
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