Trax Reseller Basic Troubleshooting Steps

            As a Zenduit Reseller you are expected to provide first level of support to your customer. By ensuring the following items are checked prior to opening a ticket with Zenduit Support. Maybe you can make a little video or gif about how to identify a device, and 

            1. Verify serial number of device with issue
            2. Ensure basic troubleshooting steps are taken by reviewing the install instructions of the respective device and repeat the communication verification steps.
            3. Login to Trax Backend and login to customer database to open software portal and view device to ensure you are able to repeat the same issue the customer is having?
            4. If you still encountering issue after going through the above steps then open a support ticket on the support.zenduit.com portal and note the device serial and troubleshooting steps you have undergone.

            Watch this video: https://goo.gl/U2THn7
            Updated: 18 Dec 2017 07:25 AM
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