Add Maintenance Types


            It may be beneficial to add extra maintenance types to further differentiate the different maintenance tasks that can be performed at your organisation. These can assist in generating reports in greater detail. Additional examples of maintenance types may be:

            • Installation
            • De-Installation
            • Vendor/hardware/software Upgrade
            • Lubrication
            • Government/Regulatory

            Maintenance types feed into both work orders and scheduled maintenance.

            Add Maintenance Types

            1. Navigate to  Settings - CMMS Settings - Lookup Tables  and  Select  the "Add New" icon as shown below.

            2. Enter in the new  Maintenance Type  within the Pop Up Window and click  OK .

              3. Your new Maintenance Type will now be displayed among your list of maintenance types and will be available to select when creating work orders.

              4. You may add as many maintenance types as you like, just follow the process outlined above. 

            Updated: 10 Apr 2017 03:26 AM
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