ZenScore - Setting up new dashboard

ZenScore - Setting up new dashboard

This article explains how to set up a new dashboard in ZenScore.

Steps to add a new dashboard

To Add New Dashboard for Specific Group and Adjust the Date Range to view the desired information.
      1. Click on ZenScore add-in.
      2. Select the Dashboard tab.
      3. Click on top right corner 
      4.  Click on +Add New Dashboard

      5. Enter the Title for the dashboard.
      6. Select groups.
      7. Select the ‘Date Range’ as desired. 
      8. Click on ‘Ok’ to save.

Add widget to the Dashboard

      1. Click in top right corner 
      2.  Click on ‘+Add Widget’.
      3. Select the style of the widget.
      4. Click on ‘Add’ button to add the widget.

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