Zendu Maintenance - 'Disconnected from server' error message

ZenduMaintenance - 'Disconnected from server' error message

This article explains how to troubleshoot your device when it there is an error message that states that it "disconnected from server" in ZenduMaintenance. 
Error message while trying to login to ZenduMA.


The above-mentioned error is usually reported in the chrome browser.
To verify whether its a browser issue, you can try accessing the application in a different browser (i.e Microsoft Edge, Firefox)
To fix the issue, you need to change the chrome settings. To change the chrome settings follow the below steps.
      1. Open chrome.
      2. Enter chrome://flags on new tab.
      3. Enter cookies on the search bar.
      4. Disable the  'SameSite by default cookies' and 'Cookieswithout SameSite must be secure' option.
      5. Click on the 'Relaunch' button on the bottom-right of the page to restart the browser.
Note: If the 'Relaunch' button is not clicked the changes won't be saved.
Make sure to click on the ' RELAUNCH' button to relaunch the browser once the changes are made

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