ZenduCAM- Add/Delete groups

ZenduCAM- Add/Delete groups

This article will explain how to add, edit and delete groups in ZenduCAM.


Adding a Group:

      1. Login to the ZenduCAM portal
      2. Go to the 'Admin' tab
      3. Click on the 'Create Group' button
      4. Enter the group name in 'Input Group Name'
      5. Click Ok


Edit Existing Group:

      1. Select the group name that needs to be changed.
      2. Edit the Group name and click on 'Save Name' option.

Deleting a Group:

      1. Click on the 'Delete' option to Delete the group.

Note: if the ZenduCAM is linked to Geotab, you will need to edit the groups on the Geotab database.

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