Z6 Dashcam Settings

Z6 Dashcam Settings


  1. Press the touchscreen of the Z6 dashcam to wake it up.

  2. Enter the default PIN 3333 to unlock the dashcam for the first time, or your own PIN subsequently.

  3. The screen unlocks and the menu can be viewed.

  4. Press Settings to open a menu with the following items:

  5. Menu Item


    Default Value


    Turn the WiFi on/off.

    Turn the Mobile Hotspot on/off.

    Hotspot – On

    Select APN

    Select the APN that is available on the SIM.


    Add APN

    Add customized APN parameters – scanning a barcode.


    Text Overlay

    Turn the text overlay in video recordings and video events on/off.


    Distracted Driver

    Turn the distracted driver feature on/off.


    In-Cabin Recording

    Turn the in-cabin recordings on/off while keeping distracted driver feature working.

    The driver is notified when in-cabin recording is turned off.


    Driver Position Left/Right

    Set where the driver is sitting to calibrate the distracted driver feature.


    Speed in MPH

    Switch between MPH and KPH for speed display in video recordings and video events.


    US Date format

    Switch between US Date format and ROW format.

    US Format

    Audio Alarms

    Turn the audio alarms for dangerous and distracted driving events on/off.


    Notify Live Streaming

    Turn the driver notification when someone is watching the live stream through a text indication on the dashcam screen on/off.


    Change PIN

    Change the Settings PIN.


    Change Driver PIN

    Set or change the driver's PIN.

    This gives the driver less access to the dashcam menu. 



    Calibrate the accelerometer of the dashcam.



    Control the screen brightness.



    Select the dashcam's language.



    Display the camera IMEI number (a unique identifier of the camera).


    More Info

    Display more information about the dashcam, such as software version, number of external cameras, and internet interfaces. 



    Display the dashcam's certifications.

    Build Version: XX.XX.XX

    Displays the dashcam's software version.

    Format SD card

    Format the SD card.

    This needs to be done for new SD cards.


    Factory Reset

    Reset the camera to factory settings.

    Power Off

    Turn the dashcam off.  


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