AD Plus - Viewing Videos from AD Plus SD Card

AD Plus - Viewing Videos from AD Plus SD Card

Issue: Could not view any video from the AD Plus SD Card; No videos found on AD Plus SD Card

AD Plus recorded footage is encrypted thus it needs a software to view it: 

How to view recordings directly from the SD card when inserting them into a laptop.

You need to download and install the CEIBA2 application to view the recordings as the SD is encrypted by default. 

After downloading the software and inserting the SD card into the laptop. Open the CEIBA2 application where:
      Type: Local 
      User: admin
      Password: there is no password, keep it empty 
Click OK to login

After logging in, select the serial number on the left side menu, in order to see the recording availability in a calendar layout. 

Double click on the specific date on the calendar to the videos available within a day 

When selecting a date, a timeline will be displayed where a blue bar will appear for each channel indicating the time and length at which the camera was recording. Click on the blue bar and click the play button to review footages. 

In order to export footage, click on the scissors button and select start and end time at which the video will be exported and click OK.

In a new window that will appear, select the channels that you want to export, select format as MP4, select the path that you want to export the file to and select MainStream only as an option. After doing the former hit OK for completing the export.

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