Smartwitness cameras - Accessory camera not displaying

Smartwitness cameras - Accessory camera not displaying

Possible Causes: No Video Signal events get generated whenever there is a loss of camera feed on any channel. It might be intermittent. 
                             This might be due to the fact that there is a loose or pinched cable, lack of any accessory camera on the channel, or a faulty cable or camera.

Steps to be followed:
  1. Check the connection between the DVR and the accessory camera for any loose or pinched cables; check if the camera is operational by replacing it with a spare one;
  2. We need to confirm if it's a camera issue or a cable issue so that we can replace it accordingly. 
            1. Disconnect all secondary devices from the camera unit
            2. Connect each camera one by one on CH1
  1. If all secondary cameras are working on CH1 the issue is most likely in the Camera input cable.

  2. If you have a spare Camera input cable, swap it out to test, in order to further isolate the issue and confirm that it is a problem with the cable.

3. If any of the cameras don't work when plugged into CH1 or the issue is isolated to a possible faulty Camera Input Cable, contact support and report the troubleshooting steps performed.

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