SD Card is Corrupted - No Images on SD Card

SD Card is Corrupted - No Images on SD Card

Issue: Why does an SD Card become Corrupted

Causes of memory card corruption

  • Turning off a camera before an image is completely written to the memory card.
  • Removing the memory card from a camera while an image is being written to the card.
  • Removing the card from a memory card reader while files are still being transferred to a computer.
  • Batteries conking out as files are being transferred directly from the camera to a computer. Note: always make sure you have fully charged batteries (device should be connected to a stable power source) before transferring images.
  • Removing the card from a card reader while folders and files from the card are open on a computer.
  • Opening, deleting, renaming or moving files on the card while its contents are open on a computer.
  • Using a memory card which has not been formatted in the camera. Use the delete/erase function when needed, however a card should be regularly formatted.
  • Formatting a card in a computer instead of the camera. Formatting a memory card in a computer can slow down data processing when it’s used in the camera. With some memory cards, formatting via a computer may result in compatibility and operational problems. 
  • Inserting a second memory card into a card reader before closing and removing the first when viewing images on the card from a computer.
  • Taking photos too rapidly so the camera can not complete writing one image before starting the next.
  • Continually shooting and deleting, shooting and deleting images when the card is full.
  • Letting a memory card get too full before downloading the images to a computer or storage device. Cards that are too full may overwrite the card headers.
  • Using a memory card from one camera in a different camera without formatting it in the new camera first.

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