ZenduCAM Z6 - Manual sd card FW update

ZenduCAM Z6 - Manual sd card FW update 3.9.79

This Guide illustrates the step-by-step method of sd card firmware update


  1. Download the full_AI-23_3.9.79.zip file (at https://upgrades.surfsight.net/3.9.79/full_AI-12_3.9.79.zip) and save it on your computer as update.zip.

NOTE: on most Windows OS versions, you will not see the .zip file extension in the file name because, by default, Windows hides extensions for known file types. So, when you rename the file, please ensure you don’t add extra .zip at the end of it

       2.     Take an SD card previously formatted by the AI-12 camera, connect it to your computer, and copy the update.zip file to this SD card.

NOTE: on the SD card, don’t create any new folders

       3. Eject the SD card from the computer, insert it into the camera, and turn the camera on

       4.  As soon as the device starts running, it will detect the update file on its SD card and automatically initiate the update process. The camera’s screen will stay black for a couple of minutes – just wait until the device reboots and starts showing the white car’s icon again.

               NOTE: o   if during the update process you get the Android OS's fast boot screen (i.e., a weird screen with text info), click the SOS button of the camera to exit it.

o   after updating the first camera, you can reuse the same SD card to update other devices.

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