ADAS Camera Recording Troubleshooting Guide.

ADAS Camera Recording Troubleshooting Guide.

ADAS Camera Recording Troubleshooting Guide.

Recording Issue: Through this segment, we will check if the device is recording on the SD card/HDD drive on the device.

To check for recording issues you need to download the Veyes App which is available on both IOS & Google Play.

  1. Check if the device is powered on.

  2. Check in the camera if the SD card is located or not.

  3. Wait for Green Power and Green WIFI for ADAS/LITE or red for ADP?

  4. Connect to Wi-Fi. (Ensure connected to camera 003F or 00D2 or 00710).

  5. Access Veyes Application.

  6. See you are connected to the camera.

  7. Enter the username: admin.

  8. Enter the password: admin.

  9. Click on the Preferences option.

  10. Click on Basic.

  11. Click on Time Setup.

  12. Make sure the Cross Time Zone is enabled.

  1. If this option is not available, then update the local time on the primary Time zone.

  1. Click on Save.

  2. Click on Time Sync.

  3. Select the correct date and time.

  1. For EST your time + 4 hours (In the DST Period) + 5 Hours (out of the DST period).

  2. For PST your time + 7 hours (In the DST Period) + 8 Hours (out of the DST period).

  3. For Mountain Time your time + 6 hours (In the DST Period) + 7 Hours (out of the DST period).

  1. Click on Save.

  2. Click on DST (Daylight saving time).

  3. Enable the DST.

  1. Click on Save.

  2. Click on Surveillance.

  3. Click on Record.

  4. Enable the no of channels that are connected.

  1. By default, 2 channels will be enabled.

  1. Click on Save.

  2. Click on Sub Stream.

  3. Perform the same Step 22 and Step 23.

  4. Click on Preview.

  5. Check if all the channels are showing.

  1. If you have more than 4 channels, then we need to swipe right to left on the preview screen to check other channels.

  1. After checking the live view now click on Playback.

  2. If the dates are in green, then it is recording.

  3. If it is not in green color, then not recording.

  1. Then we need to format the SD card. After formatting the SD card all the existing data will be deleted from the SD card and cannot be retrieved after the format even from the cloud storage also (only the exception video can be retrieved if they are uploaded on the cloud and showing on the platform).

  1. Click on General.

  2. Click on the Storage device.

  3. Check the status of the SD card.

  4. Recording or not.

  5. If not, then click on format.

Please refer to the below video also to check for all the steps.

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